Bold & beautiful ‘Bark On’ stool in Birch wood, with Lecroix print seat.

The wooden stool frame is made from branch wood from a Silver Birch tree from our woodland. A dense area of Birch trees needed thinning, which means taking some trees out to leave space for others to grow on and mature, this wood came from one of the trees that was felled. The Birch bark ranges in colour from reddish brown when young to white, when mature, each stage possessing its own special beauty.  I felled this tree in the winter a couple of years ago, and left the wood to dry before making this stool.

As well as looking great, this chic little number can be used as a footstool, fireside stool, child’s stool or for any other low down sitting.

Includes P&P

Dimensions: H29 x W36 x D20 cm