The ‘Floating Top’ stool is an elegant design. The seat is upholstered inside the legs, showing off their full length and giving the appearance of a seat suspended in air.

The wooden stool frame is made from Hazel or Birch pole wood from our woodland. The seat is framed with milled Ash wood, with webbing & hessian to form the foundation for upholstery.

Upholstered and covered with William Morris Pimpernel print design fabric in Bulrush & Slate colourway.

Suitable for use as a footstool, fireside stool or any other low seating needs.

Please note, the featured photo may differ slightly from the product in stock as the stools are made from natural wood that is not uniform & has it’s own unique wiggles and bark tones. please see my Instagram @jofromthewoods for the latest product in stock, or contact me for photos.

Includes P&P

Dimensions: H33 x W42 x D42 cm