Designs From The Woods

Designs From The Woods has evolved from my love of nature, in particular Woodland, and interior design. I own and care for an Ancient Broadleaf woodland in the Lake District. Spending my days in the woods, I split my time between woodland conservation work & getting creative in the workshop. Making furniture and ornamental crafts from the wood that is a direct product of conservation work feels like a perfect symbiosis, as funds from sales make the project sustainable.

The wood is cut in the winter when the trees are dormant & the sap is still. I select the shapes and colours I want and bring them to the barn to dry, or to begin working green, depending on what I’m making. Hazel and Birch are the main woods that I use. I love the colours and sheens of the Hazel and Birch barks. Each item is individually crafted and unique as I work with the natural features of the wood.

Upholstered ‘Bark on’ furniture combines the raw rustic feel of the wood with comfort, style and colour. Upholstering allows me to work with a range of beautiful fabrics from designer prints to plush velvets.

You can visit me at my Open Studio at Grizedale Forest, where I make, display & sell my crafts.


Buying products from a genuine coppice business is a true ethical choice; supporting heritage crafts and conservation of woodland ecosystems. As a customer you become part of the coppice cycle!

We run an off grid woodland workshop & office space, sustainably powered by solar & heated by wood.

We use recyclable & biodegradable packaging.

The Woods

Myself and my partner Darryl own and care for thirty three acres of Ancient Broadleaf woodland here in the Lake District. The main tree species are Oak, Birch, Hazel, Cherry, Rowan & Holly. Wildlife here includes deer, squirrel, stoat, fox, badger, a wide variety of woodland birds, butterflies, moths, bats & reptiles.

We manage the woods by coppicing. Coppicing is the ultimate sustainable woodland management technique, making use of the amazing self renewing powers of many trees, to re-grow when cut down. Coppicing lets in light creating a burst of new plant life, when the trees re-grow they create shade, this cycle of cutting and growing/ light and shade is called the Coppice Cycle. The coppice cycle provides a renewable source of wood and much needed habitat for native birds and butterflies.

Although physically hard and often wet, it is a real joy to be working in such a beautiful place amongst the sounds, sights and smells of the woodland and its wildlife.

Get Involved

If you like what you see and want to get involved you could:

  • Book onto a workshop and make your own crafts in the woods
  • Come to a show or event to say hello and see the products before you buy
  • Join us for a volunteer day to help out with the woodland management

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