The Gypsy flower is carved from a hazel stick using a 2 handled drawknife. You can learn to make this hand carved wooden flower in a workshop. It makes a beautiful natural ornament. Perfect for a Valentines gift or ethical gift anytime
Ginger Pigs in woodland. Oxford sandy & Black Pigs
Hand made unique wooden footstool. The stool is upholstered in Arts and Crafts Designer William Morris Print. The classic Morris and Co print features repeated symmetrical patterns and nature motifs.
Hazel coppiced wood is cut in the winter. Selecting a pole with silvery bark, that will become a chair leg.
Classic furniture piece with buttoned seat. Footstool, child's chair, heirloom furniture
footstool, small stool, child's chair, designer furniture
This is a hand crafted Birch Wood footstool upholstered in Morris & Co Pimpernel fabric. There is a sense of movement in the fabric as the large flowers curl in circles with the leaves flowing like ribbons on this Arts and Crafts designer print footstool.