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Forest Forays

Forest Forays are relaxed & fun experiences in the woods. They differ from standard workshops in that the emphasis is on the being, not just the doing, the doing is the focus for being in the woods. The fire will be lit, the kettle will be on it & we will gather to enjoy the magical space & each other, whilst having the buzz of learning & playing.

Cyanotype Printing – with nature

Cyanotype is a form of photography, without the need for a camera. Using an iron salt solution (a UV sensitive liquid) to coat our paper; we will use plants on our papers & expose them to the sunlight. This method is called a photogram; the areas of the paper exposed to the sunlight turn a beautiful Prussian Blue & those blocked out by the plants stay white. We’ll look at how to achieve different shades of blue, & how to make a test paper of shades. We’ll create single & double exposure prints & play with different techniques & ideas.

What to bring


A packed lunch (tea & biscuits provided)

Comfy clothes & shoes suited to the woods & weather. I’d recommend boots/trainers & scruffs. Bring an apron if you want to be sure to protect your clothes whilst printing.

Plants to share: Look for plants with interesting shapes & those that will lie relatively flat on the paper, the color or vein detail don’t matter with Cyanotype as the plant is simply providing a mask to block the UV rays. Leaf skeletons work really well. Feel free to bring other objects/materials you’d like to use too.

Scissors or secateurs (we have a few pairs but bringing your own means you don’t have to wait)

Other info

When you have booked your place I will email you with directions & instructions for parking.

The workshop site is within a beautiful ancient 33 acre woodland where we live, we have basic off grid facilities including a compost loo.

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